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Jack Daniel’s distillery was established in 1866 by Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel. Jack Daniel was a master distiller and entrepreneur who developed a unique charcoal mellowing process known as the Lincoln County Process, which sets Jack Daniel’s (and other Tennessee whiskey) apart from others.

After distillation, the whiskey is filtered through 10-foot vats containing sugar maple charcoal, which takes up to six days for the new-make whiskey to drip through. After filtration, the whiskey is barreled and aged in new charred oak barrels.

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is situated in a small town in Moore County, Tennessee, although the county itself is dry, meaning the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Despite this, the distillery operates as a major tourist attraction, offering guided tours to visitors who can learn about the whiskey-making process and explore the distillery grounds.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has achieved worldwide recognition and is one of the best-selling whiskey brands in the world. Its iconic square-shaped bottle, black label, and distinctive taste have become synonymous with American whiskey.



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