As I learned more and more about bourbons, ryes, and all of the types of American whiskies in between, I realized how tough it can be to find the information I was looking for. What should I pay? Who actually distilled it? How old is it? Whiskey can have an overwhelming learning curve when you’re just getting started, and it can be just as tough to keep up with what’s new and what’s coming.

So, here we are. I wanted to build a place to collect as much information as I can find about each release. I should note that I’m just one person, and as much as I’d love it to be, whiskey isn’t my full-time job. I keep up with news and add releases as much as my schedule allows, so this site will always be growing and changing.

If you have any questions or suggestions or want to share or trade, you’re always able to reach out to me here or on Instagram at @lstcrgo.

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I’m not a whiskey reviewer. I’m happy to leave that to people with more experience. If you’re a whiskey reviewer and want me to add your website to a whiskey’s overview page, you’re always invited to let me know by dropping me a line at lounge@lostcargo.com.

Let’s Work together

Are you a distillery and want to work together? Unless I’ve noted otherwise, just about all of the photography and editing here is done by me, and I developed this site from the ground up specifically for Lost Cargo. I’d love to work with you to shoot your bottles – hell, I’m even available to help with any web and design needs. Drop me a line at lounge@lostcargo.com.