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Blanton’s is a brand produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, using their high-rye Mashbill #2 recipe. The same recipe is shared with Hancock’s President’s Reserve, Elmer T. Lee, and Rock Hill Farms.

Blanton’s includes several regularly-produced expressions, international releases, and a variety of rarer specialty editions.

The brand is named after Colonel Albert B. Blanton, who was a former president of what is now the Buffalo Trace Distillery and played a significant role in its history. Blanton began working at the distillery at the age of 16 as an office boy. Over the years, he developed a passion for distilling and gained extensive knowledge and experience in the craft and led him to rise through the ranks of the distillery.

In 1921, Blanton was appointed as the president of what was then known as the George T. Stagg Distillery. He played a crucial role in guiding the distillery through challenging times, including the Prohibition era. Under Blanton’s leadership, the distillery managed to survive by obtaining permits to produce “medicinal whiskey” during Prohibition. This allowed the distillery to continue operations, although on a limited scale. Blanton’s knowledge and expertise in distilling played a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the whiskey produced during this time.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon was introduced in 1984 as a tribute to Colonel Albert B. Blanton and his tradition of selecting exceptional barrels for special occasions. Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee, inspired by his time working under Colonel Blanton, created this bourbon to honor the legacy. Reflecting on Blanton’s practice of handpicking the best barrels from Warehouse H, Lee decided to name the new brand “Blanton’s Single Barrel.”