Blanton’s Takara Red Edition

Blanton's Takara Red bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo

Blanton’s Takara Red Edition

Blanton’s Takara Red Edition is a high-rye bourbon distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery and is part of the Blanton’s brand family. It is distributed only in Japan.

While Blanton’s is distilled and produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, the brand rights are owned by Japanese company Takara Shuzo, who acquired Age International in 1992. Before the resurgence of bourbon in the 2000s, two-thirds of Blanton’s sales were in Japan.

Takara Red is recognizable by its red box, wax seal, and dark gold writing on a cream-colored paper label. It is bottled at 93 proof, and is most similar to the standard Blanton’s bottling in the United States. However, like Takara Black, it is aged approximately two years longer than the U.S. edition Blanton’s, which averages about 6 years of age.