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Old Forester is a renowned American whiskey brand with a rich history that dates back to 1870. It is owned by Brown-Forman and is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Old Forester holds the distinction of being the longest continuously distilled bourbon brand in the United States, surviving through the challenges of Prohibition and evolving consumer tastes over the years. It was founded by George Garvin Brown, who introduced Old Forester as the first bourbon to be sold exclusively in sealed glass bottles. This innovative packaging ensured the whiskey’s consistency and quality.

Old Forester’s production process includes the use of heat cycling warehouses. Heat cycling warehouses are an innovative approach to whiskey aging. Old Forester was one of the first distilleries to adopt this technique, which involves subjecting the whiskey barrels to temperature variations throughout the year.

In traditional aging warehouses, the temperature remains relatively constant, with minimal fluctuations. However, in heat cycling warehouses, the temperature is intentionally varied, exposing the barrels to both warm and cool temperatures. This fluctuation in temperature helps to accelerate the aging process and enhances the interaction between the whiskey and the wood of the barrels.