Old Forester King Ranch Edition

Old Forester King Ranch Edition bottle

Credit: Old Forester

Old Forester King Ranch Edition

The first release in a partnership between Old Forester and Texas’ King Ranch, Old Forester King Ranch Edition is a 105-proof bourbon that was aged in heavily charred barrels. Before bottling, it is filtered through honey mesquite charcoal chips harvested and roasted at King Ranch.

“When I was on the ranch, I found out they had an abundance of honey mesquite wood. It grows like a weed there and is actually bad for their environment. So, we thought, why not solve two problems at once? We took five to seven-year-old mesquite wood and slow-roasted it for half a day over a fire to create a unique charcoal. Then we brought it back to the distillery and used the charcoal chips to filter our bourbon before bottling it. The resultant bourbon that had already aged in extremely charred oak barrels is loaded with spices that has a smooth finish. It’s perfect for sipping after a long day.”
– Cole Irvin, Old Forester1Forbes

It is available only in Texas for a $70 MSRP.