Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon bottle

Credit: Wild Turkey

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is a bourbon whiskey produced by Wild Turkey for their Russell’s Reserve brand family. It was introduced in 2013.

It is a higher-proof, single-barrel edition of the standard Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon. While the standard single barrel expression doesn’t have an age statement, private single barrel selections are typically 9-10 years old.

It uses Wild Turkey’s standard bourbon recipe, which it shares with Wild Turkey 101Wild Turkey Rare Breed, and all of the other bourbons in the Wild Turkey lineup.

In 2014, Wild Turkey began their Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel private selection program, allowing customers to select and purchase barrels of Russell’s Reserve Bourbon. Private selections are marked with the barrel details, including warehouse, barreling date, and dump date. In 2019, Wild Turkey transitioned from private selection hang tags to special labels applied directly to the bottle.