Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon

Each year, Pinhook will select approximately 150 bourbon barrels and 50 rye barrels to be blended and proofed for that year’s entry in the Pinhook Vertical Series.

The annual Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon follows 1,350 barrels of bourbon distilled by MGP in Indiana. Over 9 years, Pinhook will showcase how the whiskey changes as it ages from 4 to 12 years. The Vertical Series began with the a 4 Year release in 2019, and will continue with a new release annually, each one year older than the last, until they reach 12 years of age in 2027.

The Rye Vertical Series began in Spring 2020.


Pinhook Vertical Series BourbonBourbon War - 7 year

2022 115 proof,

MSRP: $90

With an additional year of age, this 7-year-old bourbon has a warm and opulent nose of fresh baked raisin bread, dark dried fruit, brown butter and burnt sugar giving way to a rich and coating palate of spiced ginger cookie, dried fig, eucalyptus, and molasses.
– Pinhook

Pinhook Vertical Series BourbonBourbon War - 6 year

2021 107 proof,

With another year of maturation, the 6-Year Bourbon War showcases rich aromas of brown sugar, licorice and toasted almond. Subtle notes of smoke and honey exhibited by the 5-year vintage have developed into a full palate of black cherries, cloves, and Tahitian vanilla.
– Pinhook

Pinhook Vertical Series BourbonBourbon War - 5 year

2020 104 proof,

Pinhook Vertical Series BourbonBourbon War - 4 year

2019 98 proof,