Eagle Rare 25

Eagle Rare 25 bottle

Credit: Buffalo Trace

Eagle Rare 25

Eagle Rare 25 is an ultra-aged bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery and is an ultra-aged edition of the 10 year-old flagship bourbon and the oldest expression in the Eagle Rare lineup.

Like Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old and Double Eagle Very Rare, it is bottled at 101 proof as a tribute to the original Eagle Rare brand produced in the 1970s.

Eagle Rare 25 was introduced in November 2023, and marked the first release from Buffalo Trace’s experimental Warehouse P. The distillery conducted experiments testing the factors that impact whiskey maturation, including barrel char levels, temperature, airflow, light, barrel placement, and more.

“Eagle Rare 25 defies the conventional limits of typical bourbon aging. When crafting whiskey in conditions like those we experience in Kentucky, two reactions happen over time: more liquid is lost due to evaporation – also known as angel’s share – and extraction of flavors from the barrel becomes more intense, often leading older whiskeys to taste over-oaked, astringent, and dry. The unique set of aging conditions in Warehouse P has allowed us to create a 25-year-old bourbon that smooths out the extractions and highlights the desirable flavors found in ultra-aged American whiskey products.”
– Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace Distillery Master Distiller

2023’s release was limited to 200 bottles, priced at $10,000 per 750ml bottle. It is packaged in a custom display box with a sterling silver wing that wraps around the hand blown decanter.

Tasting Notes


Intense cherry, oak, dark chocolate, and an icing drizzle


Balance of vanilla, dark fruit, and butterscotch


Extremely long finish with lingering notes of rickhouse floor, baking spice, and black pepper


Eagle Rare 25 packaging


Credit: Buffalo Trace