Eagle Rare 10 Year

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon bottl

Credit: Lost Cargo

Eagle Rare 10 Year

Eagle Rare was introduced by Seagram’s in 1975 at the Old Prentice distillery (now Four Roses) and bottled at 101 proof. Sazerac acquired the Eagle Rare brand in 1989 and began distilling it at Buffalo Trace and bottling it as a 90-proof offering.

This was previously labelled as a single-barrel bourbon, but was changed in 2013 when Buffalo Trace transitioned to an automated bottling line. 

The age statement on this release has changed position several times. Until the 2013 update, the age statement was on  the neck label, which went over the foil seal. After 2013, the age statement was moved to the top of the back label, leading to speculation that it may be dropped entirely. Finally, in late 2022, the age statement returned to the front label, prominently placed below the “Eagle Rare” wordmark.