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Jack Daniels' 2021 Special Release is Coy Hill High Proof, aged on highest floors of two warehouses

Jack Daniel's Coy Hill High Proof Special Release


Tennessee Whiskey
80% corn, 12% barley, 8% rye
Barrel proof, varies

Update (Novembber 10, 2021): Coy Hill High Proof has been officially announced by Jack Daniel's. The distillery's highest-proof release ever, it's bottled uncut at strengths ranging from 137.4 to 148.3 proof, depending on which barrel it came from. Read the full story here.

This year's anticipated Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Special Release has just been approved by TTB, giving us an early look at what they have in store for this fall. 

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Special Release Coy Hill High Proof will be an uncut Tennessee whiskey, aged in either barrel house 8 or 13. The label shows a 141 proof bottling, but the proof will vary depending on which barrel each bottle comes from. The label also notes that it was processed using "minimum filtration to sustain its unique flavor profile."

Aged up in the "Buzzard's Roost" of our barrel houses on Coy Hill and bottled uncut at higher proofs. This special release highlights our innovation in whiskey makig here at Jack Daniel Distillery. Hand-selected from the highest parts of our barrel houses and bottled from single barrels, we extend this one-of-a-kind craftmanship to you.
- Label copy

Jack Daniel's has released Single Barrel Special Releases since 2018, starting with the first Heritage Barrel release. This was followed by another Heritage Barrel in 2019, and finally by 2020's wildly popular Barrel Proof Rye.

Expect to see this later this fall, but an exact date or pricing won't be known until the official announcement.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Special Release 2021 Coy Hill High Proof front label
Front label. Note that proof is a placeholder since this is a barrel proof, single barrel release - it will vary by bottle.
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Special Release 2021 Coy Hill High Proof neck label
Neck label
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Special Release 2021 Coy Hill High Proof side label
Side label
Via TTB,