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Basil Hayden reveals new look, officially launches brown rice Toast bourbon

Basil Hayden Toast, Bourbon, Dark Rye, and 10 year - 2021 packaging redesign


August 2021
Corn, brown rice, barley

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Jim Beam and Basil Hayden have finally unveiled the newest permanent addition to the Basil Hayden lineup.

We caught a preview of this new release all the way back in February, but we now know that Basil Hayden Toast uses a new recipe for the brand. Basil Hayden is traditionally a high-rye bourbon, but Toast replaces the rye component with U.S.- grown brown rice, making it a sweeter and less spicy product. 

Basil Hayden Toast is made up of brown rice bourbon that is aged, then finished in a toasted barrel. That toasted barrel-finished bourbon is then blended with level four char brown rice bourbon for what Beam describes as "a final product with complex flavor grounded in sweet vanilla and rich roasted notes." Notably, last year Beam introduced Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored, which also included 4-year old brown rice bourbon.

Additionally, this launch marks a total visual update for the entire Basil Hayden portfolio. Gone is the brand's signature paper "apron" and black plastic stopper, replaced with a more traditional label and a more prominent copper belt. The naming convention has also been updated (it's now Basil Hayden Dark Rye rather than Basil Hayden's Dark Rye, for example).

Basil Hayden Toast and the rest of the new redesigned packaging is making its way to retailers now. Toast is (of course) bottled at 80 proof, and will be available for about $50.

Basil Hayden Toast - bottle pour
Meet Toast
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