Widow Jane Decadence

Widow Jane Decadence bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo

Widow Jane Decadence

Widow Jane Decadence is a 10 year old bourbon finished in maple syrup barrels produced by Widow Jane.

This bourbon uses the company’s flagship 10-year old bourbon, and finishes it in barrels that previously held Crown Maple’s barrel-aged maple syrup. Crown Maple is located in the Hudson Valley, not far from the Rosendale Mines that Widow Jane uses to source their limestone-rich water for proofing. It is bottled at the same 91-proof as Widow Jane 10-Year.

It was first released in April 2020, in a 550-case batch. Batches are all about the same size (approximately 3,300 bottles) and multiple batches may be released in a season.