Stagg bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo


Stagg is a barrel-proof bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery and typically released twice per year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

Formerly known as Stagg Jr., it is released twice a year and is bottled at barrel proof and without chill filtration. It’s aged for between 7 and 9 years, younger than the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection’s George T. Stagg, which is always at least 15 years old.

Stagg uses Buffalo Trace’s Mashbill #1, which is shared with Eagle Rare, many E. H. Taylor releases, Buffalo Trace, and Benchmark, among others.

First introduced in 2013, it has become highly sought after and difficult to find, like many of Buffalo Trace’s releases.

It was known as Stagg, Jr. until Batch 18, when Buffalo Trace dropped the “Jr.” designation.

Private Selection

Buffalo Trace began offering private selections of Stagg barrels in early 2021. According to the distillery, barrels are offered at a minimum age of 8 years old and feature a copper medallion and handwritten strength on the front label. The first barrel offered as a private selection was auctioned in starting in November 2020, with proceeds benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.1Breaking Bourbon – St. Jude Gifts that Give Auction provides the opportunity to purchase the first Stagg Jr. barrel ever sold to the public. The barrel raised $75,1002Archived from


Stagg batches were previously unofficially numbered and identified by each release’s proof. Starting with the 19th batch in 2022, Buffalo Trace added a “22B” batch number to the front label, corresponding to the year (“22”) and the second batch (“B”).

StaggBatch 23C

Fall 2023 125.9 proof,

StaggBatch 23B

Fall 2023 127.8 proof,

StaggBatch 23A

Spring 2023 130.2 proof,

StaggBatch 22B

Winter 2022 130 proof,

StaggBatch 22A

Spring 2022 132.2 proof,

StaggBatch 18

Winter 2022 131 proof,

Now known only as “Stagg,” this is the first release to drop “Jr.” from the front label.

StaggBatch 17

Winter 2021 128.7 proof,

StaggBatch 16

Summer 2021 130.9 proof,

StaggBatch 15

Winter 2020 131.1 proof,

StaggBatch 14

Spring 2020 130.2 proof,

StaggBatch 13

Fall 2019 128.4 proof,

StaggBatch 12

Summer 2019 132.3 proof,

StaggBatch 11

Winter 2018 127.9 proof,

StaggBatch 10

Spring 2018 126.4 proof,

StaggBatch 9

Fall 2017 131.9 proof,

StaggBatch 8

Spring 2017 129.5 proof,

StaggBatch 7

Fall 2016 130 proof,

StaggBatch 6

Spring 2016 132.5 proof,

StaggBatch 5

Fall 2015 129.7 proof,

StaggBatch 4

Spring 2015 132.2 proof,

StaggBatch 3

Fall 2014 132.1 proof,

StaggBatch 2

Spring 2014 128.7 proof,

StaggBatch 1

Fall 2013 134.4 proof,