Pikesville Supreme Rye Whiskey

Pikesville Supreme Rye Whiskey bottle

Pikesville Supreme Rye Whiskey

Pikesville Supreme Rye Whiskey is a rye whiskey produced by Heaven Hill Distillery. The Pikesville brand traces its roots back to 1895, and Heaven Hill began producing this Maryland-style rye whiskey in the 1980s.

Pikesville Supreme is bottled at 80 proof and is aged for three years, and is available exclusively in Maryland.

Pikesville rye whiskey was first distilled in 1895 by L. Winand & Brothers Distillery in Maryland. After the repeal of Prohibition, the brand was acquired by Monumental Distillery, located in Landsdowne, MD, a few miles south of the town of Pikesville.  Production of the Maryland-distilled Pikesville rye ended in the 1980s, but the brand was acquired by Heaven Hill in 1982.

Throughout its history, Pikesville has always been a Maryland-style rye whiskey, meaning it uses a recipe of approximately 51-65% rye, with the addition of both corn and barley. Pennsylvania’s Monongahela-style rye whiskeys, by contrast, are 75% rye or greater and use no corn in the recipe, just barley.

In 2015, Heaven Hill launched Pikesville Rye, a nationally-distributed, 110-proof, 6-year old rye with the same brand name. Pikesville Supreme remained in limited production and is now only available in Maryland.1Press Release

Each of Heaven Hill’s ryes use the same Maryland-style recipe, consisting of 51% rye, 35% corn, and 14% malted barley. The same recipe is is shared by Heaven Hill’s 100-proof Rittenhouse Rye.