Mellow Corn

Mellow Corn Whiskey bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo

Mellow Corn

Mellow Corn is a bottled-in-bond corn whiskey produced by Heaven Hill Distillery.

Corn whiskey is different than bourbon in a few key ways. It must be distilled from a mashbill using at least an 80% corn, and it can be aged in either previously-used or uncharred oak barrels. In the case of Mellow Corn, Heaven Hill ages them in once-used bourbon barrels.

This is the only widely-available bottled-in-bond corn whiskey on the market. It was introduced in 1945 by Medley Distilling Company in Owensboro, Kentucky. In 1993, the brand was acquired by Heaven Hill from United Distillers, along with other brands including Old Fitzgerald.

As a bottled in bond whiskey, it produced under strict regulations, including being distilled in a single distilling season at one distillery, aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least four years, and bottled at 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume). Heaven Hill’s portfolio includes many bottled-in-bond whiskeys, including Rittenhouse Rye, Old Fitzgerald, Evan Williams, Henry McKenna, and Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond.