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Little Book Bourbon Bottle

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Bourbon (
Proof varies (see below)
MSRP (2020)
Varies by release
Limited Release, Released Annually

What You Should Know

  • Little Book releases are divided into annual "chapters" which are made up of a different blend each year
  • Like Bookers, Little Book releases are all uncut and unfiltered
  • Little Book Chapter 01: The Easy was the first whiskey brand created by Freddie Noe, 8th generation whiskey maker and grandson of Booker Noe
  • Booker's nickname for Freddie was "Little Book"

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This release consists of:

  • 2-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon
    "Distilled and barreled at a lower proof than normal creates a complexity not often experienced in a young whiskey. This prominent component delivers a sweet grain flavor and creamy mouthfeel [...] that serves to balance the stronger oak flavors from older whiskies in the blend."
  • 3-year-old malted 100% rye - this component is a brand new whiskey from Beam that we've never seen before.
    "It brings smoky, peppery notes to the final blend not traditionally common in rye whiskey."
  • 5-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon
    "Hints of vanilla and corn sweetness on the nose and a smooth finish, balancing the flavors from the younger whiskies and the extra aged bourbon"
  • 15-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon
    delivers heavier barrel flavors to the blend, adding a deep complexity and characteristics that can only be achieved through extended time spent aging in a Kentucky rackhouse."

Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored is a tribute to Fred Noe, the father of Little Book creator Freddie Noe. 

  • 4-year-old Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon (a reminder "of the first distilling project he handled on his own, after years and experiences under Fred’s guidance")
  • 8-year-old Kentucky straight high-rye rye whiskey ("an ode to Booker’s Rye, one of the first commemorative releases that Fred and Freddie tasted and selected together")
  • 7-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon (to impart "flavors reminiscent of Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection, a spirit enjoyed by Fred")

This release pays tribute to the releases that Booker introduced and made Jim Beam into what it is today. Little Book Chapter 3: The Road Home is the first Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in the Little Book series, as it is a blend of all four Jim Beam Small Batch bourbons. The Road Home is a barrel-strength blend of:

  • 9 year old Basil Hayden
  • 9 year old Knob Creek
  • 11 year old Booker’s 
  • 12 year old Baker’s

With the exception of Knob Creek, none of the other releases in this blend are otherwise be available to the public. Baker's is normally a 107-proof 7-year old release, Booker's is 6-7 years old at barrel strength, and Basil Hayden's is traditionally bottled at 80-proof.

This release is a blend of the following whiskies, all owned by Beam Suntory (percentages not disclosed):

  • 8 year Kentucky straight rye at 119.8 proof
  • 13 year Canadian rye at 111.9 proof
  • 40 year Canadian 100% corn whisky at 137.8 proof

“The floral, fruit notes Canadian whiskies achieve really intrigued me, along with the aging and production styles that are so different from what we do here in Kentucky,” Freddie Noe said in a press release. “It was a step outside my comfort zone to bring these two worlds of whiskey together.”

This release is made up of:

  • 4-year-old, uncut and unfiltered bourbon whiskey
  • 13-year-old, uncut and unfiltered true corn whiskey
  • Nearly 6-year-old, uncut and unfiltered 100% malt whiskey
  • Nearly 6-year-old, uncut and unfiltered high rye whiskey