Larceny Barrel Proof

Larceny Barrel Proof bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo

Larceny Barrel Proof

Larceny Barrel Proof is a wheated bourbon produced by Heaven Hill Distillery. As its name implies, it is bottled at cask strength and is non-chill filtered.

It shares its mashbill with the 92-proof Larceny Small Batch Bourbon, a year-round offering, as well as the Old Fitzgerald lineup. Heaven Hill’s wheated mashbill consists of 20% wheat, a relatively large amount of wheat in comparison to recipes from other distilleries. For example, Maker’s Mark has a 16% wheat recipe.

The Larceny brands prominently feature John E. Fitzgerald’s signature and a lock and key motif, a nod to the U.S. Treasury Agent who Heaven Hill says had access to the rickhouses and used that access to steal jugs of some of the best bourbon in the warehouse.2Larceny Bourbon – Our Legacy

Larceny Barrel Proof was announced in October 2019 and is released three times each year.


Like Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Larceny is released three times each year, with batches numbered in the same format. The first is whether it’s the A, B, or C batch (first, second, or third release of the year), the second is the month and the last two represent the year. For example, batch A120 is the first batch of the year (A), released in January (1) of 2020 (20).

Larceny Barrel ProofC923

September 2023 126.4 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofB523

May 2023 124.4 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofA123

January 2023 125.8 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofC922

September 2022 126.6 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofB522

May 2022 123.8 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofA122

January 2022 124.4 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofC921

September 2021 122.6 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofB521

May 2021 121.0 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofA121

January 2021 114.8 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofC920

September 2020 122.4 proof,

Larceny Barrel ProofB520

May 2020 122.2 proof,

This batch was awarded Whisky Advocate’s 2020 Whisky of the Year award.1Press Release

Larceny Barrel ProofA120

January 2020 123.2 proof,


Bottle detail

Bottle detail

Credit: Lost Cargo