Metallica / Dave Pickerell Blackened whiskey Bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo


Blackened whiskey is a brand of American whiskey that was developed through a unique collaboration between the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and the iconic heavy metal band Metallica.

Blackened whiskey is a blend of straight bourbons and ryes sourced from various distilleries across the United States. The specific blend and sourcing details are not disclosed, but it is designed to create a balanced and flavorful whiskey.

After the initial aging period in traditional American oak barrels, Blackened whiskey undergoes a secondary maturation stage known as cask finishing. During this phase, the whiskey is transferred to specially selected brandy finishing casks. The use of brandy finishing casks can introduce a range of flavors to the whiskey, such as dried fruits, raisins, plum, and subtle sweetness.

Black Noise Sonic Aging

One of the distinctive features of Blackened whiskey is its unconventional aging process known as “Sonic Aging.” During the aging process, Blackened whiskey barrels are exposed to a specially curated playlist of Metallica’s music. The low-frequency sound waves generated by the music are believed to agitate the whiskey in the barrels, potentially enhancing the interaction between the spirit and the wood, resulting in a more dynamic and intense flavor profile.