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Barrell Armida

Barrell Armida bottle

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Bourbon (
Blended, Straight
MSRP (2020)
Not stated
Sourced, distilled in Tennessee
Limited Release, One-Time Release
Finished in Pear Brandy, Jamaican Rum & Sicilian Amaro Casks

What You Should Know

  • Three different Tennessee bourbons were separately finished in Pear Brandy, Jamaican Rum, and Sicilian Amaro Casks, then blended to acheive the desired profile.
  • Barrell Craft Spirits is well-known for their adventurous choices for secondary barrel finishes, but this marks their first wide release of a blend of three different finishes.
  • Joe Beatrice, Barrell's founder, was reminded of his mother’s family farm as he was building the blend for this release. According to the company, "these brisk, orchard fruit memories inspired many of the first test blends and so, Joe named the project after his mother’s formal name, Armida."
  • Only 3,700 bottles were produced for the October 2020 release of Armida.

Armida began as an experiment, trying to make a dream whiskey come to fruition: What flavors and aromas are we most excited to find in bourbon? Where in the world of spirits do those flavors exist? Can we finish and blend whiskeys to tease the subtle flavors we are looking for from the edges of perception into the forefront? More than a year later we find ourselves with a whiskey with subtle hints of spice and orchard fruit we chase in bourbons amplified into balance and power we have never found before.
- Barrell 

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Barrell Armida label close-up
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Barrell Armida cork and seal
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