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Jos. A. Magnus & Co.

Joseph Alexander Magnus was a successful distiller and blender of bourbon, gin, and other spirits starting in 1892. He emphasized the quality and age of his spirits and conducted his business with integrity. In 1918, due to Prohibition, Magnus was forced to cease production.

However, his family discovered well-preserved bottles of Murray Hill Club Whiskey that had been stored for the previous 122 years. In 2015, the Magnus family revived the Jos. A. Magnus & Co. brand in Washington, D.C., reintroducing Joseph Magnus’ spirits to the world. The family continues to employ the same blending and finishing techniques used by Joseph Magnus in the early 20th century.

Today, Joseph A. Magnus produces three bourbon expressions as well as two gins.

In 2020, Jos. A. Magnus Co. relocated to Holland, Michigan, a few hours from where Joseph Magnus himself spent summers in Oden1Press Release.


  • 1892

    Jos. A. Magnus Co. is established in Cincinnati, OH. He opens a liquor dealership and bottles over 20 different brands, including the flagship product, Murray Hill Club.

  • 1918

    The imminant arrival of Prohibition causes Magnus to halt sales and production, and he retires to Michigan.

  • 2014

    Magnus’ great grandson, Jimmy Turner, discovered 122-year old bottles of Murray Hill Club. 100ml of whiskey is extracted and tasted by industry veterans in an effort to recreate it.

  • 2015

    Jos. A. Magnus Co. is established in Washington, D.C. with the release of Murray Hill Club, and Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend.

  • 2020

    Jos. A. Magnus Co. relocates to Holland, Michigan.