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Four Roses Distillery

Four Roses Distillery is a renowned bourbon distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. It has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Currently, Four Roses only produces bourbon whiskeys — the distillery last produced ryes in the 1940s.

Four Roses has a unique approach to bourbon production. The distillery uses two different mash bills and five proprietary yeast strains, resulting in ten distinct bourbon recipes. These recipes are designated by a letter and number combination, such as OBSV or OESK, and each offers its own distinct flavor profile.


The Four Roses brand was founded in 1888 by Paul Jones Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky. The name “Four Roses” was inspired by a love story, as Jones proposed to his true love, and she responded by wearing a corsage of four red roses.

In 1943, Four Roses began exporting their bourbon to Europe and gained a strong following in countries like Japan, where it became a symbol of high-quality American whiskey. In the 1950s, the brand was acquired by Seagram’s, a Canadian distillery. Under Seagram’s ownership, Four Roses ceased domestic production and focused solely on international markets. However, in 2002, Four Roses was purchased by Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., which led to a reintroduction of Four Roses bourbons to the United States.