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Remus Gatsby Reserve 15-year-old bourbon coming soon from Ross & Squibb

Remus Gatsby Reserve 2022


Fall 2022
15 years

Ross & Squibb is preparing to release a 15-year-old bourbon pulled from MGP's oldest stocks. Remus Gatsby Reserve will be released alongside Remus Repeal Reserve as a limited edition bottling.

While this year's edition of Remus Repeal Reserve will be considerably younger than last year's, it appears that Ross & Squibb saved some of their older stocks for this release. Also, unlike Repeal Reserve, this is bottled at a cask-strength 115 proof. 

Gatsby Reserve celebrates some of the history of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby":

Crated with the finest 15-year-old reserves, this limited edition, cask strength straight bourbon celebrates the release of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel "The Great Gatsby" a century ago.

You see, legend has it, Fitzgeralds titular character 'Jay Gatsby' was inspired by Remus.

Some say Fitzgerald and Remus' fortuitous 1918 meeting began the 'drums of destiny.' Others believe Fitzgerald gathered plenty of influence from Remus' many newspaper exposés. 

In any case, one thing is for sure - it's a legendary story that calls for an equally legendary sip. Cheers!

– Label copy

We'll keep an eye out for the official announcement when availability, pricing, and (hopefully) mashbill are announced. The TTB-approved labels are below.

* Note: This article uses information from the U.S. Department of the Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Whiskey labels are approved by the TTB weeks or months ahead of their release and public announcement, so details about pricing and availability aren't available yet. Furthermore, any proof statements on the label may be placeholders and might change before the official release announcement. However, everything else on the label will appear as it does here, so this gives us a great early look at an upcoming release.

Remus Gatsby Reserve front label
Front label
Remus Gatsby Reserve back label
Back label
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