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Knob Creek is preparing an 18-year-old limited release bourbon

Knob Creek 18 Year Old Bourbon


18 years
75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley

Thanks to a TTB approval, we're getting an early look at one of the oldest bourbons in Beam's small batch lineup. The company is preparing to release an 18-year-old Knob Creek bottling, which will likely be hitting shelves sometime in early 2022. 

Like Knob Creek's regular 12-year release and limited-edition 15-year bottling, Knob Creek 18 Year Old will be released as a 100-proof offering. 

Knob Creek 18 is unfiltered. We quality screen for barrel char pieces, but the rest we keep intact. It's part of what gives whiskey its strong flavor and refined character. It also means that in low temperatures, you might see particles or a little cloudiness. We call this floc and haze, and it means your 100 proof is 100% as it should be.
– Label copy

This will be the oldest Knob Creek release to date, and joins only a handful of limited releases with similar age statements across the marketplace. Heaven Hill's 90-proof Elijah Craig 18 Year Old is probably the best-known and most widely available 18-year bourbon, which carries a $150 MSRP.

We won't know details about pricing for Knob Creek 18 Year Old until it's officially announced by Beam.

Knob Creek 18 Year Old bourbon front label
Front label
Knob Creek 18 Year Old bourbon back label
Back label
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