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WhistlePig HomeStock (FarmStock Rye Crop 004)

WhistlePig HomeStock bottle

Credit: Lost Cargo


MSRP (2020)
4 year old Rye Whiskey and 5 year old Wheat and Barley whiskeys
45% Rye, 30% Wheat, 25% Barley
One-Time Release
May 2020

What You Should Know

Crafted in this time of social distancing, WhistlePig Homestock Whiskey was created by the community, including Flaviar members and industry professionals. The exciting experiment had WhistlePig fans working on blends together with "Blend Your Own" whiskey kits and instructions sent to enthusiasts worldwide.

The data was then analyzed by Masted Blender Pete Lynch who picked 3 of the most popular styles. The tasting and voting took place via a live stream and a winner was picked by the fans from the comfort of their homes. It's a blend of 4-year-old rye whiskey and 5-year-old wheat and barley whiskeys that is pleasantly sweet and spicy, as well as wholly unique.

The winner also came as a surprise, as it comprised 45% rye, 30% wheat, and 25% barley. "HomeStock is a truly special blend for us, not only due to how it was made but it’s the first time we’re releasing a whiskey that features something other than Rye. We’re thrilled that this blend got voted as the winner, it could be a sign of things to come from us in the future as a natural extension of our famed FarmStock range," says WhistlePig CEO Jeff Kozak.

Distillery Description

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