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The second Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series of the year is on the way

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02 on barrel


Bourbon, wood-finished
September 2021
Not stated
70% corn, 16% wheat, 14% malted narley
Heat-treated French oak staves

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A showcase of how barrels can impact texture and mouthfeel, Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02 completes this year's two-part series.

Both of this year's FAE releases highlight fatty acid esthers, naturally occuring compounds that remain present when whiskies aren't chill-filtered. Because Maker's Mark has never chill filtered their whiskey, this series serves to highlight an important part of their process while also featuring the impact that fatty acid esters have on a mature whiskey.

Wood Finishing Series releases use a process pioneered by Maker's 46: when the Maker's Mark bourbon is mature, it is finished in secondary barrels with ten specially-treated barrel staves and stored in limestone cellars for additional aging. For FAE-02, those finishing staves are double heat-treated virgin French Oak. The heat-treating process in this case involves an infrared exposure followed by a flame toast finish.

The result is a bourbon with a full mouthfeel, rich texture, and a "mouthcoating palate of light caramel and deep oak," according to a press release from Maker's Mark.

"With FAE-02, we wanted to explore the softer side of our 2021 taste vision by placing more of the focus on rich consistent texture and tone that stems from fatty acid esters. Just like the things we find so comforting about artisanal butters, olive oils and creamy spreads, FAE-02 delivers a fattier, full-bodied, mature Maker’s Mark bourbon that makes for an ideal sip on a Fall evening.”

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02 is bottled at cask strength (109.1 proof), and is hitting shelves now for a suggested price of $60.

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02 bottle
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