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Pinhook prepares second edition of their Accidental Marriage Artist Series whiskey

Pinhook Artist Series Accidental Marriage Second Edition


Bourbon & Rye Blend
3 years

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Pinhook appears to be readying the second entry in their Artist Series line, which will carry a very similar label and name. Pinhook Artist Series Release No. 2 Accidental Marriage is another extremely small-batch blend, wearing the same black wax as the first release in the series.

While it appears that it will be bottled at the same 113 proof, this edition will differ from the first release in a few important ways. Instead of a blend of two different MGP ryes, the second edition of Accidental Marriage is a blend of two Castle & Key-distilled whiskies, a bourbon and a rye. It's also younger, carrying a 3 year age statement, rather than the 4 year statement on the first edition.

Artist Danica Novgorodoff created the artwork featured on both releases.

The inaugural Artist Series release was a true accident in which two single barrel ryes were accidentally blended in a tank. 

We don't have any information on pricing or availability yet. The first edition, released last December, was a 407-bottle batch with an MSRP of $85.

Pinhook Artist Series Accidental Marriage No. 2 Front Label
Front label
Pinhook Artist Series Accidental Marriage No. 2 Back Label
Back label
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