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High West begins rolling out new look, renames American Prairie Bourbon

High West Bourbon and Double Rye new labels



High West has begun rolling out a refreshed look for their core lineup, part of a brand refresh that began last May with Rendezvous Rye.

The distillery is giving Double Rye a new look and appears to be dropping the exclamation (it's technically been known as "Double Rye!"), and renaming American Prairie Bourbon to simply High West Bourbon. According to the distillery, there was some confusion that American Prairie Bourbon was a type of bourbon rather than the brand's name, so this change is meant to help reduce that confusion.

For both bottles, the whiskey inside will remain the same despite the packaging change.

With the lone exception of A Midwinter Night's Dram, all of the brand's whiskey labels have now been updated within the past year. 

High West Bourbon bottle with new label
High West Bourbon
High West Double Rye bottle with new label
High West Double Rye