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FarmStock Rye Beyond Bonded will be WhistlePig's first product fully distilled and aged in Vermont

WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Beyond Bonded label


Straight Rye (Bottled-in-Bond, Single Barrel)
4 years
100% Remington Rye

The fifth release in WhistlePig's FarmStock series has been previewed courtesy of a TTB filing this week, and it's a notable release for a few reasons. 

This will be the very first WhistlePig release made using only their own distillate - there's no MGP- or Alberta-sourced whiskey to be found in this bottle. Furthermore, it's a bottled-in-bond, single-barrel release, meaning it was aged for at least four years, bottled at precisely 100 proof, made by one distiller at a single distillery in one season, then aged in a bonded warehouse.

In this case, the back label reveals that this 100% rye mashbill is 4 years, 7 months, and 14 days old, distilled from Remington Rye harvested at WhistlePig Farm itself.

No word yet on availability or pricing, but expect it to be in line with previous FarmStock releases in the $60-$70 price range.

Check out a look at the labels below:

WhistlePig FarmStock Beyond Bonded - front label

WhistlePig FarmStock Beyond Bonded - back label

WhistlePig FarmStock Beyond Bonded - neck label