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Dickel and Leopold Bros. join forces for Collaboration Series rye blend

George Dickel and Leopold Bros. Collaboration Series rye whiskey blend


Rye, straight, blend

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Tennessee's George Dickel and Colorado's Leopold Bros. are preparing to release a collaboration blend, consisting of a rye whiskey produced at each distillery. 

Interestingly, Dickel's rye component in this collaboration is a never-before-released whiskey distilled in Tennessee "that expresses a vibrant, fruity character." Currently, the George Dickel Rye Whisky that's on shelves is a sourced 95% rye / 5% barley whiskey produced by MGP, charcoal filtered in Tullahoma, then barreled and aged in Dickel's warehouses. 

The Leopold Bros. component in this blend is distilled on their three-chamber still, resurrecting a historic rye style "with a unique floral and chocolate character." Leopold Bros. is known for their unique,19th-century-inspired still, and takes a lot of inspiration from traditional whiskey-making techniques.

According to the label, the blend of two different ryes produced on two different still types is central to this release:

"This whisky revives the lost tradition of blending heavy-bodied rye whiskies produced on a three-chamber still with liter column distilled rye whiskies, to create a balanced, richly complex and versatile spirit."
- Label copy

This release will be bottled at 100 proof. No information yet on pricing or availability.

George Dickel and Leopold Bros. Collaboration Blend Rye Whiskey Front Label
Front label
George Dickel and Leopold Bros. Collaboration Blend Rye Whiskey Back Label
Back label
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