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Corsair Distillery introduces 100ml mini-can format for their core lineup

Corsair Distillery mini-cans of Dark Rye, Triple Smoke, American Gin and Barreled Gin


May 2022

Corsair Distillery is introducing a unique new format for their spirits.

Referred to as the "mini-can", it's a 100ml aluminum can that holds 100ml of their spirits, which is about two shots of whiskey, or approximately 4 ounces. Corsair's four core products will receive the mini-can treatment, including their 85-proof Dark Rye and 80-proof Triple Smoke whiskies. 

The 100ml size as well as the aluminum can format are both unique in the American whiskey category. Normal mini-bottles are 50ml, and aluminum cans are a package that is normally reserved for the growing ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails category.

"Our products are quite unique and that can cause some trepidation in buying a full bottle.  We know once people try us out, they love the product, so the mini cans enable that trial” says Corsair Master Distiller Lorna Conrad.

Corsair's mini-cans will be available nationwide starting this month.

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