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Beam's upcoming Distillers' Share to showcase experimental batches, starting with brown rice bourbon finished in a toasted barrel

Jim Beam Distillers' Share Toasted Brown Rice


Bourbon, finished in toasted barrels
Summer 2022
5 years

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The James B. Beam Distilling Co. is preparing to release what appears to be a new series of experimental whiskies. 

Distillers' Share 01: Toasted Brown Rice appears to be poised for a Summer 2022 release in 375ml bottles. The experimental whiskey and smaller format will bring back memories of Beam's Signature Craft series from 2014, a series of small-batch innovations using obscure grains and non-traditional recipes.

This initial release features a grain we've seen from Beam a few times this year: brown rice. Used as a component in Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored, and again in Basil Hayden Toast, this bourbon was aged 5 years and finished in a toasted oak barrel before being bottled at 102 proof.

The softness of brown rice allows notes from the secondary toasted barrel to really shine – baked bread, smooth toffee, rich oak and light char. - Freddie Noe
- Front label

Since this was submitted for TTB approval, it's likely not a distillery-exclusive release. We expect to see more information about pricing and availability closer to next summer's release.

James B. Beam Distillers' Share 01: Toasted Brown Rice - front label
Front label
James B. Beam Distillers' Share 01: Toasted Brown Rice - back label
Back label
James B. Beam Distillers' Share 01: Toasted Brown Rice - tax strip
Tax strip
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