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Barton 1792 finishes warehouse expansion, increasing storage capacity by 25%

Barton 1792 - first barrel in new warehouse


Warehouse 33
33,500 barrels
Warehouse 34
58,800 barrels
Warehouse 35
58,800 barrels

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Barton 1792 has completed their $25 million expansion, which included the construction of three new warehouses. 

The new warehouses are made of wood floors, wood ricks, and metal siding and represent a 25% increase in storage capacity. For perspective, older warehouses on the Barton campus hold up to 19,600 barrels each, and the newer warehouses are much larger:

  • Warehouse 33 (33,500 barrels)
    Construction on Warehouse 33 was completed in February, and is now nearly full of new barrels of whiskey
  • Warehouse 34 (58,800 barrels)
    Warehouse 34 was finished this summer and is about 70% full.
  • Warehouse 35 (58,800 barrels)
    Construction was just completed on the newest warehouse, and the first barrels will be rolled in within the next few weeks.

This continues an era of unprecedented expansion in Kentucky, with distilleries such as Angel's Envy, New Riff, Bardstown Bourbon Company, Heaven Hill, and Buffalo Trace all in the process of adding capacity to meet demand.

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