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Barrell launches a very old (and very expensive) edition of their Seagrass rye whiskey

Barrell Craft Spirits BCS Gold Label Seagrass 20 year old rye whiskey


Rye whiskey
Martinique rum, Malmsey Madeira, and apricot brandy casks
June 2022
20 years
Cask Strength


Barrell has added a third member to their Seagrass family, BCS Gold Label Seagrass.

Gold Label releases from Barrell tend to showcase the oldest whiskies in the lineup, and Seagrass delivers with a 20-year-old age statement for this Canadian-sourced rye whiskey.

It is clear from the nose that this Rye Whiskey is old and layered, with savory, herbaceous notes behind the trademark Seagrass tropical freshness. All in all, this whiskey is remarkably flavorful, showcasing the best of the Seagrass profile in a whiskey that can only be made this complex with time in the barrel.
– Barrell Craft Spirits

When we spotted this label approval a few months ago, it was sporting a massive 144.14 proof statement. TTB allows an approved product's proof to be a placeholder, though Barrell's approvals tend to be exactly what ends up being released; a revised label was approved in April with the correct proof, so it's not clear what may have changed.

All of Barrell's Seagrass releases are rye whiskies finished in Martinique rum, Madeira, and apricot brandy casks, but several subtle differences set them apart from one another:

  • Source
    Barrell Seagrass: Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Canada
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: Canada only
    BCS Gold Label Seagrass: Canada only
  • Age
    Barrell Seagrass: not stated
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: 16 years old
    BCS Gold Label Seagrass: 20 years old
  • Proof:
    Barrell Seagrass: 118.4 proof
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: 130.82 proof
    BCS Gold Label Seagrass: 128.12 proof

Like BCS Gold Label Bourbon, this whiskey will retail for $500 per 750ml bottle.

Barrell Seagrass, BCS Gray Label Seagrass, and BCS Gold Label Seagrass rye whiskey family
Barrell Seagrass family portrait
Barrell Seagrass Gold Label bottle
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