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Barrell Craft Spirits announces a 16-year-old, BCS Gray Label Seagrass

Barrell Craft Spirits BCS Gray Label Seagrass


Rye, finished in Martinique Rhum, Madeira, and Apricot Brandy Barrels
January 2021
16 years

As we spotted a few months back, Barrell Craft Spirits' premium Gray Label family is continuing to grow. Barrell has now officially announced the launch of BCS Gray Label Seagrass, a unique follow-up to Barrell Seagrass, released last year.

This edition of Seagrass represents the first rye and the first finished whiskey in the BCS Gray Label lineup, and looks to be a very interesting bottling. Like the standard release, it is a rye whiskey finished in Martinique rum, Madeira and apricot brandy barrels, but the bottlings differ in a few key ways:

  • Source
    Barrell Seagrass: Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Canada
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: Canada only
  • Age
    Barrell Seagrass: not stated
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: 16 years old
  • Proof:
    Barrell Seagrass: 118.4 proof
    BCS Gray Label Seagrass: 130.82 proof

“We knew we had something special with the launch of Barrell Seagrass last year and decided to take that same method of global sourcing and blending, both in whiskey and finishing materials, and apply it to a very special set of barrels,” said Barrell Craft Spirits Founder Joe Beatrice. “BCS Gray Label Seagrass is an expression rooted in the profile of Barrell Seagrass, but at a level only achievable with older and higher proof whiskies."

BCS Gray Label Seagrass is rolling out now nationwide for a suggested retail price of $250.

Barrell Craft Spirits BCS Gray Label Seagrass bottle
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