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Angel's Envy kicks off 8th annual Toast the Trees initiative to plant white oak trees for future barrels

Angel's Envy Toast the Trees 2021

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Each September, Angel's Envy launches their Toast the Trees initiative as a part of National Bourbon Heritage Month. The program, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, shows Angel's Envy's commitment to a long-term, sustainable barrel supply.

The white oak is critically important to bourbon – U.S. law states that bourbon must be aged in first-use, charred oak barrels. But with the growing popularity of bourbon, it's important to ensure that the trees are sustainably farmed so there will be mature white oak trees for generations of whiskey drinkers to come.

Angel's Envy fans can participate in several ways – for each action, the distillery will plant a tree:

  • Tag #ToastTheTrees on social media with an Angel's Envy cocktail or bottle shot
  • Members of the distillery's club, 500 Main, can refer other members to plant an additional tree
  • Take weekly quizzes about oak trees
  • Buy a cocktail at the distillery
  • Use Toast The Trees Giphy stickers on social posts

Angel's Envy has a goal of planting 65,000 trees this month, up from last year's goal of 50,000.

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